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Check Out Childish Gambino’s New Mixtape Royalty

Everyone has those artists that just cant seem to do any wrong. Like everyone, I have my list and Childish is on it. I’m not even going to attempt to right an impartial review of the mixtape because I don’t think I could. I love it and I am only half way through listening to […]

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Weekend With Some Alternative Indie From Devin Reilly

I received an email last week from a guy named Devin Reilly. The blog does receive emails from artists looking to appear on the blog but some of them are not personalized and are obviously just part of a massive group email. That’s what drew my attention to Devin’s email. He obviously had viewed Hubballs […]

Introducing Fawnfare, One of Best Folk Groups You Will Hear Today

I am very proud to introduce another band to Hubball’s Bubble. Fawnfare, made up of Emily Allan and Sierra Lauren, are based out of my hometown of Bowen Island and are making what can only be described as beautiful music. The duo grew up on Bowen together and stay close to their roots by maintaining […]