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Timeflies Tuesdays: We Found Love

One of the best releases in my opinion. We have showcased many Timeflies tracks the most recent being their tribute to the Game of Thrones. This is yet another track that demonstrates their amazing talents and they accomany it with some amazing visuals. Free Download HERE

Timeflies Tribute To Game Of Thrones Is Outstanding

My apologies for not posting this earlier, I have no excuse. The boys from Timeflies are avid Game of Thrones fans and with last week’s season finale they decided to pay tribute to one of the best shows on tv. D/L 

Watch This Fan Made Pump Video For The Vancouver Canucks

Made by perhaps the biggest Canucks fan I know, John Bain really hit the spot for Vancouver fans with this compilation video. Beginning with the closing moments of game seven last year, the video goes through the team’s top moments of last year’s playoff run and this year’s season. Even though I have seen it […]

Feb 24th Weekend Warmup

For those of you who didn’t see last Friday’s Weekend Warmup and therefore don’t know what it is, let me explain. The Weekend Warmup is my new weekly segment on the blog that will be released on Fridays. It highlights the best songs that I have downloaded in the last week that are perfect to […]

First Installment of the Weekend Warmup

So I was in my three hour sociology lecture using one ear to listen for hints about the upcoming midterm and the other listening to some of my new songs on itunes. And then I got an idea. Why not post a small playlist at the end of every week highlighting some of the better […]