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Check Out Childish Gambino’s New Mixtape Royalty

Everyone has those artists that just cant seem to do any wrong. Like everyone, I have my list and Childish is on it. I’m not even going to attempt to right an impartial review of the mixtape because I don’t think I could. I love it and I am only half way through listening to […]

June 15th Weekend Warmup

Happy Friday to you! As is a regular occurrence on Hubballs Bubble, we present our top five songs from the past week that are a perfect for predrinking and partying playlists. We kick off the playlist with a new track from one of my favourite rappers right now Dunson. When I saw that he was rapping over […]

Have A Listen To Myndset’s Sick New Mixtape, Dreamers Of The Day.

Myndest’s resent release of an epic hour long mix is perfect for getting the party started tonight. His song selection and mixing is flawless. So grab a case of beer turn the sound system to max and let this mix do the rest. Keep reading to see the track list.

Dada Life Released Their Hilarious Music Video For Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker

I’m not a huge fan of Dada Life, I find their songs very hit or miss. But there is no doubt that they are creative. I can’t get enough of this video.

Kap Slap’s New Mashup Album Frequent Flyer Will Start Your Summer Off Right

Well this weekend was move-in weekend and it has been a gong show to say the least. On top of that I was helping Sam move AND started a new job in the middle of this. It’s been a whirlwind and I apologize for the lack of posts. However Kap Slap as usual makes everything […]

Watch Logic’s New Music Video For Numbers

I posted Logic’s The Spotlight last week and ever since have been trying to figure out how I have never heard of this young rapper. Today he posted a new music video for Numbers that will appear on his upcoming mixtape. The sound from this song is much like that of Drake. I think Logic is an […]

If you haven’t got Lupe Fiasco’s Friend of the People mixtape, check it out here

At the end of November Lupe dropped his mixtape Friend of the People. Coming off the anti-climatic release of LASERS which let’s be honest, was made for the radio and was not Lupe’s best work, Friend of the People samples many electronic beats that show Lupe’s return to hip hop brilliance.