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Check Out Childish Gambino’s New Mixtape Royalty

Everyone has those artists that just cant seem to do any wrong. Like everyone, I have my list and Childish is on it. I’m not even going to attempt to right an impartial review of the mixtape because I don’t think I could. I love it and I am only half way through listening to […]

Hubballs Bubble Presents Center Of Gravity 2012 Artist Countdown #10: R3HAB

So here it is. We are beginning a countdown to Kelowna’s Center of Gravity Music Festival. 10 artists in 10 weeks. We have selected the ten artists that we are most excited to see and will preview one a week up until the time of the festival. This is a great oppurtunity to familiarize yourself […]

April 20th Weekend Warmup

Hello again world. I have been computerless for the last 48 excrutiating hours but now I am back and ready to pick up where I left off. As with every Friday, I have the best five songs for predrinking and partying that I have downloaded in the last week. This week I have songs from […]

April 13th Weekend Warmup

How’s everyone doing on this Friday the 13th? I have a little bit of everything to jumpstart your weekend of partying or studying, which ever it is. We kick it off with a YONAS sample of Daft Punk and then move onto some new hip hop from Macklemore. Then we dig a little deeper with […]