Watch Every Goal Of The Group Stage Of Euro 2012 In 2 Minutes

The group stage of Euro 2012 is done and the 8 teams that advance and the up coming match ups are: June 21: Czech Republic vs. Portugal June 22: Germany vs. Greece June 23: Spain vs. France June 24: England vs. Italy

Is This The Dirtiest Game Ending Wiffleball Pitch Ever?

That. Is. Outstanding. H/T The Score

Watch This Sweet Adidas Video Documenting Sasha Digiulan’s Ascent Of A 5.14d

Sasha Digiulan is the current #1 ranked female climber in the world and became the first ever North American woman to climb a 5.14d. The route she climbed was Pure Imagination at the Red River Gorge in the USA. She was the first ever female to ascend this route as well. Her accomplishment makes her just […]

Scottish Rugby Players Celebrate Win With Headbutt

It had been 30 years since the Scottish National rugby team had bested the current #2 ranked Aussies but when the kicker made a penalty kick on the last play of the game into gale force winds the team swarmed and two players clashed noggins. No worries though, they are pretty tough dudes as they just […]

Celebrate The Start Of Euro 2012 By Reliving Some Of The Best Euro Moments In A Lego Animation

Yes this was made by an England fan. Yes we are always way to optimistic. But there is no denying that it is awesome as some of the best moments in recent memory are acted out with lego. Most I knew of, some I did not. My personal favourite is Gascoigne’s goal vs Scotland although seeing […]

Forget Watching TV While You Pee Because Now You Can Jam Out With The Guitar Urinal

This is so cool. Billboard Brasil has created a urinal in which your stream creates a little guitar solo. Not only that, but you can download your solo when you get home. I never thought I would say this but I feel that I can appropriately say that this is the right time to use the phrase “rock […]

Tiger Woods Birdies 3 Of His Last 4 Holes Including This Unreal Chip-In To Win His 73rd Career Tournament

This happened and I screamed. Al put two hands in the air. I got a text from my friend saying he almost re-broke his hand that is still in a cast fist pumping. Tiger Woods hung in there all of Sunday and then put turned on the magic. Fast forward to the US Open now […]