Cool Videos

Check Out This Compilation Of Absolute Fails

Now I know there are lots of these out there but this one had me laughing right through to the last second. My personal favorite is at the 3:49 mark. How could people be so stupid?

Watch This Iceberg! Rollover?

  While “ice calving” is a common occurrence, it is rarely caught on camera. I thought this was amazing when I saw it.

Apparently Polar Bears Feel The Same About Sundays As We Do

It’s hilarious how similar the behavior is.

Watch How The Staples Center Transformed With Six Playoff Games Being Played In Four Days

Lakers, Clippers, Kings. All playing at the Staples Center. The arena staff must have been freaking out when they saw that they were playing a combined six games in four days. Luckily they handed it flawlessly. To bad the Kings are the only team out of the three to advance.

Family Guy’s Peter vs Chicken Fight To End The Season Was Five Minutes Of Epicness

Family Guy wrapped up season 9 in style with another huge long fight scene between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken. There’s nothing really to say to describe it but it is worth your five minutes.

This Elephant Tried To Imitate A Drunk Walk Home After The Bar

I found this really really funny. Planet Earth is awesome. The action starts at the 1:28 mark.

The Arcade Fire’s Interactive Video For The Wilderness Downtown Is The Coolest Thing You May Ever See

Whether you like the Arcade Fire or not it does not matter. Make sure you do this. Visit the link below and punch in your address. Using stunning technology, Google teamed up with the band to make the most unbelievable interactive experience I have ever seen. I don’t even want to tell you much about it because […]