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Hubballs Bubble Presents Center Of Gravity 2012 Artist Countdown #6: Morgan Page

Our Center of Gravity Artist Countdown continues this week with a look at American progressive house and electric house DJ Morgan Page. After coming off an unbelievable tour with 25+ sold out crowds Morgan Page is going to be a blast at Center of Gravity this year.

Signed to Nettwerk Records he just released his new album “In the Air” on April 3rd 2012. Morgan Page has a unique sound that is great to listen to when you are having some summer beers in the yard with burgers and dogs on the BBQ. After listening to some of his mixes I’ve realized that he can really ramp up the intensity and I’m sure he will put on a great performance Saturday night on the main stage. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but the more I listen to his stuff the more I find I like it.

Body Work – Morgan Page feat. Tegan and Sara

Leave The Lights On – Meiko(Morgan Page Remix)

In The Air feat. Angela McCluskey – Morgan Page(Hard Rock Sofa Remix)

In The Air – Episode 98 – Morgan Page

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