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When You Think Of African Men What Do You Think Of?

An excellent video put together by four Kenyan citizens looking to break the stereotypes of African men that are created through Hollywood movies. Learn more at:

Finally! An Accessory That Gives The iPad A Purpose

Now this is cool. I guess it pretty much turns it into a Macbook but I like how you can connect and disconnect it with ease. I will seriously consider buying an iPad after seeing this. This how Brydge describe their product: “Is it just us, or does it feel like the options for iPad keyboards and […]

This Trailer For Pick-Up Basketball In NYC Proves There Ain’t No Ball Like Street Ball

This just looks too good to not watch when it comes out. DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK: Pick -Up Basketball NYC will be released sometime this year. via Hypebeast

This Baby Really Hates Green Beans

Give me steak momma!

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Weekend With Some Alternative Indie From Devin Reilly

I received an email last week from a guy named Devin Reilly. The blog does receive emails from artists looking to appear on the blog but some of them are not personalized and are obviously just part of a massive group email. That’s what drew my attention to Devin’s email. He obviously had viewed Hubballs […]

Lebron James Presents The Most Embarrassing Flop Of The Year

Like come on! I think the league should fine Lebron for this. He is making a mockery of the game and the officials by going down like Chandler had gone Metta World Peace on him. What a joke.

Watch This Amazing Animation Of Transport Routes Used On Earth

Incredible visual representation of the human impact on the planet. It was made for the Planet Under Pressure conference. via Laughing Squid