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Canucks Ask Fans To Celebrate Responsibly With Playoffs Looming

The Canucks did the responsible thing today by starting a campaign to try and deter the city from slipping into the apocalyptic riot that occurred after game seven’s loss last year. The idea is to appeal to the fan’s love of the city to make them think twice before they try and flip every car in sight and smash […]

Listen to New Ludovin ft Childish Gambino

This song is the perfect track to see off winter and welcome in spring. Childish Gambino is a great bonus to too.    

Treadmill Fail Compilation Is As Great As You Think

I think the 0:35 mark makes the whole video.

Bulldog Chases Ball Around Table Continuously

This poor dog doesn’t realize that if he just turned around there would be no humour in this video.

Talented Video Editing Makes For a Great Video

[vimeo 38940289] Titled a Frame of Mind, friends Ben and Steven went to Hawaii and filmed a pretty creative project. Music  The Avett Brothers – Kick Drum Heart

Will Farrell’s Dog Show on Conan Could Not Have Gone Better

The always funny Will Farrell attempted to run a mini dog show on Conan and hilarity ensues.

Check Out Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson’s Awesome Woodshop

We all know that Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson is quite possibly the best male role in television history but did you know that the man who plays the outrageously funny role is not to different in real life. Nick Offerman shows off his Offerman Wood Shop in Los Angeles and it is pretty impressive. […]