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Canucks Ask Fans To Celebrate Responsibly With Playoffs Looming

The Canucks did the responsible thing today by starting a campaign to try and deter the city from slipping into the apocalyptic riot that occurred after game seven’s loss last year. The idea is to appeal to the fan’s love of the city to make them think twice before they try and flip every car in sight and smash every store window they see. Obviously the city’s plan is not the same as last year as there will be no street televisions available to watch the game. The National Post reported the new plan:

The city plans to put out little red carpets at its 23 community centres, inviting families and youth to watch the playoffs in much more toned-down conditions than the closed streets and Jumbotron screens that attracted 150,000 people last June 15.

As most Vancouverites know, there are a few surrounding cities that the police should set up road blocks and cut off transport into the city from and there wouldn’t be any trouble. The way I see it, Canucks win and  there wont be a problem. Can’t wait for the first parody of this video to come out.

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UBC student living in Kelowna and from Vancouver. I love sports, music and all things viral and interesting that go on in the world.

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