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Watch The Entire 2011/12 NFL Season in 6 Minutes

Currently in one of the craziest and most bizarre off-seasons in NFL history its easy to forget some of the highlights from the past year. Luckily the NFL released the entire season in an action packed 6 minutes.

Kick Off Your Saturday With Two Unreal Live Sets From Ultra Festival 2012

I could not believe my ears when I heard these sets. I have listened to both already and I only found them last night. Skrillex of course was going to amazing. Make sure you check out the video below because at the 2:30 mark his booth starts rising! But Knife Party. My god did they […]

Watch This Blind Man Use Google’s New Self-Driving Car To Get Himself To Taco Bell

I can’t believe this. Now he did travel on monitored roads and with the help of the local police department and google engineers inside  the vehicle. If something were to go wrong the vehicle could be stopped immediately by a brake on the passenger side, emergency shut off on the center console, or by laptop. The car […]

March 30th Weekend Warmup

We kick off this week’s Weekend Warmup with some hip hop with new tracks from Hoodie Allen and Ludovin ft Childish Gambino. Then I have a great new song from Porter Robinson where he experiments with a slightly new sound but pulls it off well. Finish up with a huge headbanger from R3hab closes this […]

Watch This Fan Made Pump Video For The Vancouver Canucks

Made by perhaps the biggest Canucks fan I know, John Bain really hit the spot for Vancouver fans with this compilation video. Beginning with the closing moments of game seven last year, the video goes through the team’s top moments of last year’s playoff run and this year’s season. Even though I have seen it […]

The Best Motivational Speaker in Sports History Ray Lewis Gives Stanford Basketball A Pep Talk

Question: How do you win a sports game before it has began? Answer: Get Ray Lewis to give the pregame speach. Not surprisingly Stanford won their game against UMass.

Jose Calderon Wants To Be On Court Cuts So Badly That He Allows Javale McGee To Posterize Him

If you are Jose Calderon what are you thinking? Even if you do lay down a clean charge the refs will probably call the block because the posterization is too massive to not count. Javale McGee was probably salivating as he started to dribble up the floor.