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First Installment of the Weekend Warmup

So I was in my three hour sociology lecture using one ear to listen for hints about the upcoming midterm and the other listening to some of my new songs on itunes. And then I got an idea. Why not post a small playlist at the end of every week highlighting some of the better songs that I have downloaded in the last seven days so it can be used for both pre-drinking and partying in the upcoming weekend.

So without wasting any more time, here is the first of many Weekend Warmups:

Allure (OTTR) is Urban Noize’s new masterpiece this time mashing up Lana Del Rey’s Off to the Races with Jay-Z’s Allure:

Download Link: http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/84591879/file.html

Super Mash Bros – Holy Guacamole! 

Download Link: http://www.hulkshare.com/j6za4mjq71lf

Adventure Club Dubstep – Youth

Download Link: http://hulkshare.com/ox05f32uenhr

Paul Thomas – Buzz Killington (Funkagenda Remix)

Download Link: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/83646975/file.html

Skrillex – Breakin’ a Sweat (Zedd Remix)

Download Link: http://www.hulkshare.com/1r8alz4nzk0c

Timeflies – Under the Sea

Download Link: http://hulkshare.com/2zyji7suzpe6

Huey Mack – I Want it All

Download Link: http://hulkshare.com/uhh60ur92b7b

About harveyhubball

UBC student living in Kelowna and from Vancouver. I love sports, music and all things viral and interesting that go on in the world.

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