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Watch Nate Robinson Break Reggie Jackson’s Ankles

My Warrior’s Nate Robinson absolutely embarrassing Reggie Jackson with the huge crossover and step back jumper. Sadly Oklahoma would go on to win the game.

Check Out Colton Moore’s Incredible Snowmobile Crash at the X Games

Somehow Moore is totally fine after this 120 foot bail and would later go on to win gold.

Kevin Garnett Still Has Unprecedented Passion

Watch how jacked up he is after the Celtics mounted a 27 point comeback to beat the Magic. This is the Kevin Garnett we love.

Watch This Highlight Reel Snag by Australian Open Ball Boy

Check out this ball boy snag the Roger Federer offering with one hand and draw cheers from the crowd.  

Watch Dunk of the Year Candidate Markel Brown Posterize Missouri

Brown would receive his second technical of the game for staring down his victim but in all seriousness, wouldn’t you?

Hockey Rink Roof Collapses

Some crazy footage out of Slovakia. The roof of this local hockey arena collapsed yesterday under the pressure of all the snow that was on top of it. Luckily nobody was hurt. Football fans will also remember when Minnesota’s Metrodome collapsed for the same reason.

When Amusement Park Rides Catch You By Surprise

This is one of the funniest things you will see today. Whatever you do, do not skip past 35 seconds or you will miss it.