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Dubstep – Buzz Killington (Funkagenda Remix)

This is what I like to describe as progressive/chill dubstep. Nothing you need to dance too, nothing to rage too, but a song that you can listen to with your headphones in and just lose yourself. Great for study sessions or thinking about a world in slow motion. Buzz Killington (Funkagenda Remix)¬† It reminds of […]

New WZRD (Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius) Track Titled Teleport 2 Me

For those of you unfamiliar with WZRD, it’s the collaboration of Cudi and Dot Da Genius. While back in November the leaked track Brake got out and was not good at all, Teleport 2 Me really makes up for it. I miss Cudi’s work and so I was thrilled to hear this. I guess the […]

AHHHHHHH Blake Griffin With THE Dunk of Year

Wrap it up now. Everyone who thinks they’re on the verge of posterizing any defender, just lay it up instead. It won’t matter because tonight Blake Griffin did it. He won. He is the new Vince Carter but better. I am so happy that I can tell my kids I grew up watching this man […]

Crazy Video of RC Planes in the Shapes of Humans Flying in New York

Even when you watch the video knowing that they are just remote control planes it still creates a real weird feeling in your stomach. Takes me back to the days when I watched Heroes. If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Watch Shaun White’s Perfect 100 Run in SuperPipe

The man is unreal. Nothing more to say.  

Lebron James Jumped OVER John Lucas III For The Huge Throwdown

Despite the awful and sloppy finish (Rose and Lebron missing 2 free throws in the last 20 seconds), there was no shortage of highlights. One of the top throwdowns was Lebron jumping over the John Lucas III for the backdoor alley-oop.

One of the Best Scotty Hartnell Quotes From the All-Star Game

“Suck it Phaneuf”. Hartnell Chirping Phaneuf at 0:24 ¬†after a Henrik Sedin goal in the first period. Miking up Hartnell was by far the best decision of the game by CBC.