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If you haven’t got Lupe Fiasco’s Friend of the People mixtape, check it out here

At the end of November Lupe dropped his mixtape Friend of the People. Coming off the anti-climatic release of LASERS which let’s be honest, was made for the radio and was not Lupe’s best work,¬†Friend of the People samples many electronic beats that show Lupe’s return to hip hop brilliance.

Watch an orphaned polar bear cub look about as relaxed as you can

Russell Brand files for divorce from Katy Perry!?

In perhaps one of the worst decisions that any man has made in recent memory, Russell Brand has reportedly filed for divorce from goddess and superwoman Katy Perry. I mean let’s be honest, how is Russell Brand with his greasy hair and lanky frame going to land anyone remotely as perfect as Katy? He won […]

Coldplay’s Live Cover of We Found Love

Coldplay showing why they are the best. Simply Beautiful. Performed at the BBC Live Lounge. If you haven’t heard any of the performances from the Live Lounge you have to leave this blog and check them out immediatly.

Best Dubstep of 2011

Best Dubstep of 2011

So I thought I would compile a list of the best Dubstep that was released in 2011. Now yes there is a lot of Skrillex on here. But hate him or love him (I love him) you can’t argue that 2011 was a year of unbelievable ¬†success for the man. I originally made this list […]

Dwight Howard’s Third Row Rejection on Mehmet Okur

  Howard just being Howard and sending Mehmet Okur’s offering into the third row.